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a story about the Jinn

Once upon a time there was another Great War upon the world. The Americans had devised a terrible weapon, which was as yet untried against their enemies. The war raged across the planet for years until everyone felt they had finally had enough and they unleashed the weapon. The entire atomic framework of the planet was penetrated with shock waves which even reverberated beyond the molecular structure. The humans saw only the devastated cities and irradiated bodies, but others on the planet felt a different sort of disturbance.  They observed a violation which constituted a horrifying and enduring threat to all life on the planet, including  their own. Certain of the Jinn who were especially clever, and also good, devised a plan to approach the Humans that would encourage them to be more peaceful and less filled with excessive pride about their seeming triumphs over nature.  Many of the humans were even proclaiming "God is Dead", so great had become their hubris.

Despite all this, many of the Jinn were secretly in awe of humanity….. Humans were fearsome and destructive. They could also love so passionately that it would light up their auras or cause them to sacrifice their lives if they felt called to it. The humans were created to have a very great spiritual potential, (emphasis on the word potential,) and they had command of the planet. But the Jinn had received special powers and attributes which they had always used to manipulate and influence the humans. (Including telepathy, levitation, materialization, and transmogrification.)

So, with the Big Threat in 1945 a campaign was launched to get the attention of humanity and persuade them of certain facts:

(1)You aren't the only people in the universe.

(2) You aren't nearly as great as you think. In fact, you're a very un-evolved species. (As emissaries of the Galaxy, we're in a position to judge.)

(3) You are ruining your own environment and constitute a threat to the health of the entire planet.

(4) All of the above was actually true, but then some jinn overstepped the limits of moderation.  Ridiculous and outrageously bold concepts were introduced such as that the aliens had created the human race, and that they can see the future.  Playing God became irresistible.  Some of the Jinn actually began to believe the charade themselves. (Power can be intoxicating.)

The message did need to involve deception if it was to be successful....  the Jinn weren't able to launch the kind of (military) threat required to get the compliance and respect of humans. Most of the humans didn't believe in Jinn, or much outside themselves for that matter, so a charade was the best tactic.

They became "Space Brothers". Benign intelligences from a more evolved planet (like Venus, usually) who would welcome humans into a galactic federation as soon as they got their act together.  Later, when humans became convinced that there wasn't life on Venus, the space beings started coming from places farther away like the Pleiades.  Zeta Reticuli was another favorite.

Jinn propaganda has been so successful that most humans never seriously question it.  Instead, people usually do one of 3 things:

1.) Reject the existence of paranormal phenomena altogether.

2.) Believe the mythology.  (UFO's are spaceships from other planets.)

3.) Refuse to think about it very deeply because UFO's and apparitions are confusing to their sense  of "reality".  Most people are probably in this category these days.

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has been rejected by the best minds in Ufology for decades.  Jacques Vallee, Aimee Michel, John Keel, et al, have demonstrated how this phenomenon has been with us for eons, and how it is anti-scientific to think that these aliens reach us via hardware from other planets.

This "otherworldly" phenomenon is here, always has been, and presumably always will be.


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