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  Alchemy and the Religion taught by Jinn

The jinn are stunning alchemists.  They are masters of Transformation, Transmutation, Transportation (in a split second), and Transmogrification (shape shifting).



Discussing religion can get slippery because it's easy to offend people.  Ufology usually manages to sidestep the issue.  The Jinn really press the issue, however, because many of them are on active campaigns to influence our thinking about the nature of reality, God and religion.  Contactees of "Ascended Masters" and "Space Brothers", for example, have established cults and followings.

There is a separate stream of religious beliefs running down through history which is akin to alchemy and seems to be largely influenced or even generated by Jinn.  It makes up much of Hinduism.  It emerges in Theosophy and New Age philosophy and in the teachings of contactees. Channeled material is invariably some version of it.  Much of it doesn't conform to the teachings of "The Book", or to those teachings held by the Jewish, Christian, Moslem, and Baha'i Faiths.  In fact, it often opposes or undermines these teachings in subtle ways.  Some have called it the "Ancient Teaching".  Jinn appear to approve of this name.

Reincarnation is always a major component.  Another is that the Creator and the creation are one.  God is often impersonal, is sometimes identified with being the universe itself, or may be on an equal footing with the creation, as a partner or "co-creator".  It may even proclaim that "we are God".  It also contains aspects which could be described as forms of alchemy.

The term "Alchemy" can be so broad that it is hard to define.  Usually thought of in terms of early chemistry and attempts to turn base metal into gold, alchemy is also about the very nature of transformation itself -- transformations on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Found in many forms and in many cultures for ages, it has usually been a hidden school, an underground quest for secrets. This mystery -- this MIST-- which surrounds it, adds to its fascination and appeal.  It is also the murky and confused atmosphere which the jinn create and work so well in.

ALCHEMY could be described as being the metaphysical technologies of transformation.  This would include knowledge regarding the:

1. Physical science of transmuting one substance or form into another. (Typified by the ancient quest to turn base metals into gold.)

2. Mythic search for eternal youth.

3. Knowledge of human subtle anatomy including the chakras and layers of the aura.  (Excellent information on this subject comes from former NASA physicist Barbara Ann Brennan.)

4.  Knowledge regarding planes of existence in addition to the physical such as the etheric, astral, and causal.

5. Knowledge regarding the electromagnetic spectrum-- how to utilize it as the connecting bridge between physical and spiritual realms, and as the energy which both forms and informs.

6. Knowledge regarding the process of "individuation" as described by Carl Gustav Jung.

7. Knowledge regarding kundalini.

The "ancient teaching" usually proclaims "We are God".  This kind of hubris has a distinctly jinn flavor to it.  Jinn typically claim to be running the show.

A modern version of this claim has aliens genetically engineering the human race.  Much channeled material has produced variations on this theme, and it is also a theme in many abduction reports.  It seems evident that these entities are very adept at manipulating bodies (human and otherwise) in many ways.  They can create doppelgangers, for example, and they can speak through the bodies of people who are in a trance.  The many observations of fetuses being taken from humans and being grown in containers, etc. could be either hallucinations induced by the entities or could be actual occurrences.  I wonder if these manipulations are considered a legitimate activity in their world.  They probably use their advanced technologies for both good and evil just as we do.

Even Charles Fort and John Keel seem to have been taken in by the ruse which identifies the jinn as superior overlords of the human race.  This is quite understandable in light of the powerful and often threatening paranormal abilities which the jinn display.

The jinn probably exercised enormous power over humans at the dawn of history.  Many primitive pagan rituals involve placating the spirits of jinn.  Others involve becoming possessed by jinn spirits.

"Talking in tongues"-- although I haven't experienced this myself, I must say it does resemble a temporary jinn possession in many respects.  I have great respect for the faith and upstanding lives of my Pentecostal relatives, but can't help but wonder whether this possession by "the Spirit"  isn't actually a possession by a spirit.

Santeria rituals involve jinn supplication and possession as well as animal sacrifice--  an age-old favorite demand of "the spirits":

Depending on the particular orisha that they wish to please, santeros use certain colors and certain animals and play particular drumbeats during their rituals. The music is of great importance because it helps to coax the orisha into "mounting" or possessing the priest. As the particular orisha mounts the priest, the priest's body dances the dance emblematic of that orisha. Later in the ceremony, people's questions are answered, the spirit decrees that a specific command will be obeyed, or that an animal sacrifice must occur.

I really don't want to offend anyone with these observations.  I do appreciate the value that religious beliefs have for people.  But I feel compelled to say that the extreme veneration of Mary in Catholicism*  appears to be a jinn-influenced process.  Marian worship looks like a revival of ancient pagan or Hindu practices occurring within Christianity.  People may even look like they are worshipping the statues or effigies.  Of course it's true that they aren't actually worshipping the statue -- statues are only representations, and Hindu and Marian devotees alike are opposed to "idol worship".  Nonetheless, this type of worship really smacks of the golden calf.  It's probably OK to ask Ganesh or Mary for better luck or better health.  But, is it actually effective?  Is a relationship with a little "god" replacing a relationship with the One and only Omnipotent, All-Knowing God?

The Marian Apparition at Fatima (witnessed by 70,000 people,) was a huge UFO event.  Many BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) events contain psychokinetic elements which resemble poltergeist activity.  Usually it is only little children who can see the Lady. 

Jinn can shape shift into the forms of gods.  They can also make statues and other effigies weep tears or bleed.  This has happened countless times all over the world.  It has been documented so exhaustively that even the skeptical among the scientific community accept its reality.  Laboratory tests almost invariably reveal the blood to be the same as human blood.  Although sometimes it is described as being very old blood.  So old that the red blood cells are breaking down and becoming few in number.

People naturally think these impressive displays are wonderful "miracles", but they are also typical of the works created by jinn.

Bleeding statue of Mary in Chile

In Hinduism, God started out being ONE, and then got broken down into more and more pieces. Increasingly more representations of different parts of God were introduced and people began venerating these various personalities in the Hindu pantheon. Hinduism says that everything is God. This means that theoretically everything can be worshipped as being God or having God in it.

This shift in emphasis from One God to many demigods is a classic form of religious corruption encouraged by some jinn.  These jinn would undoubtedly enjoy a return to the practices of ancient history when they held immense power over humans. Human sacrifice was one of these practices, and demonstrates how manipulated and afraid humans were of these "spirits".

Committing "Shirk"

Hinduism is so ancient that we don't even know when it began. Its' followers have been mostly illiterate, so they haven't had the benefits and consistency of a written teaching. This has given enormous latitude to any jinn who might want to "monkey around" posing as Hanuman or the other "gods" in the Hindu pantheon.  Islamic tradition holds that some jinn enjoy getting people to worship them instead of worshipping God, which is called committing shirk. People are putty in the hands of a clever jinn -- what fun for a naughty trickster! The evil and enormously powerful jinn who require tributes and sacrifices are called "Ifreet" or "Ifrit".

In the United States during the 1930's, Guy Ballard, (who went by the name of Godfre Ray King,) Had his followers kill their pets when he was under the direction of St. Germain. The influence of these Ifreets may explain much about the barbaric practices of human and animal sacrifice.

 see  Marian Apparition


* Pope may declare Mary 'coredemptrix.


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