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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

The "Ascended Master" Types and My Encounter With St. Germain

 St. Germain doesn't claim to be a saint.   He claims to be an "Ascended Master", but the name is typical of jinn obfuscation.  He appears to enjoy being venerated like a saint.

The Comte de St. Germain was well known to the court of King Louis XV of France as an alchemist, a linguist, and a man of great wealth, memory, age and adventure.  He is an actual historical figure credited with various alchemical feats and with writing an alchemical manuscript entitled "La Tres Sainte Trino Sophie" which is contained in the Bibliotheque de Troyes.

In 1930, Guy Ballard, having studied theosophical and occult teachings, traveled to Mt. Shasta to investigate rumors that strange occult events occurred there. While hiking the mountain, Ballard claims that  the Ascended Master Saint Germain, offered him a magical drink which renewed his body.  Ballard founded the "I AM" cult to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain.

This cult degenerated to the point where members were told to kill their pets and shun family members who wouldn't join the cult.  It caused fanatical believers to "decree" for long hours during the day and part of the night, with such intensity and emotionalism that a number of them had nervous breakdowns, or were confined to psychopathic wards and insane asylums.

In legends and history there have always existed magical men who possess the hidden knowledge. They elude precise description because they seem primarily fictional but are associated with various historical records and documents. They are archetypal and stimulate the imagination. Of those who have actually lived among us, I think that some are human and some are jinn, and most involve partnerships between humans and jinns. They include characters such as: Paracelsus, Koot Hoomi, Master Morya, "Thrice greatest Hermes", Don Juan (in the books by Carlos Castaneda), Sai Baba, Merlin, Ashtar, and St. Germain. Alchemy seems to be their strong suit and the thing that they have in common. I want to tell you about my encounter with so-called Ascended Master St. Germain. Most people won't quite believe it, of course, but that's okay. I tell about it for the benefit of those who do, or who will some day, because entities like this can be really bad news for your spiritual health. I've noticed that folks who come under the influence of the so-called Ascended Masters, Great White Brotherhood, Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood or Galactic Federation seem to display a steady erosion in personal brilliance, character, aptitude and worthwhile effectiveness. There can be a general downgrading that at its worst can result in the likes of Godfrey Ray King making his followers kill their pets. Those who come under the shadow of Ashtar can be reduced to waiting for "global evacuation" when his chosen people will be beamed up to motherships to await their return to the promised land on earth.

The jinn are masters of alchemy.  Maybe we got our teachings about it from them. 
I encountered St Germain as a result of my interest in alchemy. "Alchemy" describes various arcane areas of knowledge such as the search for longevity and eternal youth, the quest for the Holy Grail and Shambala, the transmutation of base metals into gold and the spiritual transformation which all these symbolize.  Alchemy occurs on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional planes of existence. It is supposed to have been the precursor of chemistry, so modern science is obliged to give it a cursory nod of recognition. Alchemy is real magic and metaphysical technology. It's about transmutations utilizing the etheric plane or about kundalini and transforming the subtle anatomy. It's also about the electromagnetic forces that control the world of form and connect it with the spiritual worlds.

I never intended to "dabble in the occult".
I was attracted to alchemical symbolism at a very young age. I started trying to understand the images of the Rider-Waite Tarot when I was 11.  I also read much about psychology then, so it was natural that I would be drawn to CG Jung's work and dream interpretation in my teens. Jung's theories about adult spiritual development, which he called the process of "individuation", were gleaned from his study and understanding of ancient alchemical manuscripts which he read in the original Latin. These cryptic manuscripts were designed to hide the truths they contained, and it is probably proof of Jung's genius that he was able to glean so much from them.  I revered Jung at the time and wanted to learn more about alchemy.

The Temperance card from the Rider-Waite Tarot is mostly about Alchemy.

Notice the triangle in the square on the winged entity's chest.  Triangles figure prominently in many UFO experiences. 

Whitley Strieber devoted a whole section to the meaning of the triangle symbol in his book "Communion".

On pg. 283 Strieber writes "I came to realize that the Tarot is much more than a deck of fortune-telling cards; it is a sort of philosophical machine that presents its ideas in the form of pictures rather than words."

Hey, come to think of it, the whole UFO phenomenon itself could be "a sort of philosophical machine that presents its ideas in the form of pictures rather than words." -- !

Yes, those Jinn-- those ancient mythmakers --  are shaping our consciousness with images of spaceships and extraterrestrials.   Whether or not we actually "believe" in them, our collective consciousness is affected by these images in ways we may not yet understand.

It was the cover of "Communion" that made the book an overnight sensation.  Somehow it struck a very deep chord....

With the passage of years I also learned about quantum physics and the astral and etheric planes.  I had kundalini and near death experiences.  I experimented with the intelligences of nature in my garden and made flower essences.  I meditated, and continued to study the writings of Jung, as well as Swedenborg, Gopi Krishna, Barbara Ann Brennan, Robert Monroe, and many others….I had NO interest in witchcraft or "spiritualism".

I never intended to "dabble in the occult", but it now appears that that's exactly what I was getting myself into.

"Occult" simply means "hidden".  The word has probably become associated with evil influences because of the inherent risk of attracting bad jinn when the hidden worlds are looked into.  Whether or not one wants to attract this kind of attention, it can be rather easily aroused.

We attract more of whatever we put our conscious awareness into.

I'd reached a small degree of understanding about how physical reality manifests and is connected to the enduring spiritual planes. Then a friend gave me a book which claimed to channel the wisdom of St. Germain. The alchemical concepts in this new age book were an extension of what I'd been discovering about the electromagnetic spectrum and its connection to the subtle planes, so I readily accepted them.

Later that night I awoke to a surprising astral visit from someone claiming to be St. Germain.  He told me that my ability to grasp these ideas meant that I'd achieved the level of an initiate and that he would be willing to be my teacher. He outlined some of the wondrous learning which I could potentially master.

So there he was in my bedroom, flattering me and making what seemed to be a wonderful offer. What should I do? I told him I didn't yet know how I felt about this, and he said he'd return for my answer.

Well, fortunately for me, I prayed very hard about what to do in response to his offer. I felt guided to read and meditate upon the "Tablet of the Holy Mariner" written by Bahá'u'lláh, the prophet-founder of the Baha'i Faith. I spent hours prayerfully meditating on the meaning of it it.  I finally concluded that it tells the story of a person who acquires the knowledge of all that is "hidden behind the veil''. This person then comes before the throne of God, but is dissatisfied with their station of servitude to the Divine, wanting MORE. (Presumably wanting to be more of a god themselves.) Being thus devoid of sanctity, even in the presence of the All-Loving, the All-Wise, they were "cast down into their abode below".

The same old story of Lucifer
This is very similar to the story of Lucifer and the never-ending plight of humanity . So this was my St. Germain? Just another perpetrator of the Luciferian drama? Could it become me? YIKES! I took another look at his portrait in the book and was horrified by how debauched he suddenly now looked. That night he returned for my answer. I said: "St. Germain, leave me alone", and he vanished.

The whole thing seemed so fantastic that I  questioned it. Apparitions can share both a real and dreamlike quality. The very next day, however, I had a lunch date with a new friend. I steered our conversation towards the esoteric, hoping to somehow talk about this incredible experience, but it just felt too weird to talk about.  Well, it was no mere coincidence that we were having lunch.  He  suddenly amazed me by mentioning his own relationship with St. Germain!  He was entirely nonchalant about it. This guy is a seemingly moderate, level-headed sort of person who had been entrusted with important military positions.

 My friend thought his relationship with St. Germain was, well-- dandy-- and he wasn't open to other points of view so there wasn't much more to talk about.

Outside validation like this went beyond coincidence. I concluded that the St. Germain contact was real.

Most people think something like this is crazy, which helps protect them from involvement. However, those who have "pulled back the veil" need to be forewarned:

Things are probably not what they appear to be if you're dealing with a jinn.

There are many types of jinn, but there seems to be almost universal agreement that those who meddle with humans are mischievous or demonic.

Humans can be demonic, too. The good/bad continuum is a necessary for the exercise of free-will. Spiritual protection is available for any who ask for help in the Name of God.

In Islam, Satan (or Lucifer) is called "Iblis", and is identified as being from the jinn.

Will the real St. Germain please stand up?
Is my "St. Germain" the same as Guy Ballard's or Louis XV's?    Probably not.  I question whether he's even the same entity who was hanging with my friend.  I've had lots of unusual experiences in my life, but they were especially weird during this particular three year period.  I've begun to reevaluate these experiences since assimilating the jinn concept into my understanding.  I thought I had encountered many different entities, but now I'm wondering if the same entity was wearing several different hats! 

For example, it seems that an entity consistently made the bell on my old fashioned phone make a short  "ding!" sound whenever I had particular thoughts.  I had been studying the writings of Emmanuel Swedenborg and was consequently given to frequently thinking about his concept of the association of negative spirits with certain activities.   Every time I wondered if something had a correspondence with evil the phone would go "ding!".  Judging by my phone's responses to my thoughts, evil spirits were lurking just about everywhere!

One night I was terrorized by this.  The minute I began to drift off to sleep the phone went "ding!"  This was so alarming that adrenaline pumped into my bloodstream.  A strong association had been built up for weeks between this "ding!" sound and my wondering if evil spirits were potentially present, encouraging human negativity and perhaps feeding off of it.  The phone would "ding!" the very moment I finally started drifting off to sleep again.  The more this happened, the more afraid I became.  I was being terrorized!  This trick tormented me for hours until I finally overcame my fear of it, at which point it ceased.  Probably because it was no longer fun for the jinni if it couldn't make me frightened.  At the time I chalked this episode up to being another good learning experience.  I'd overcome fear itself, to some extent, and I no longer speculate about evil spirits.  If you look for them, they'll be there.  Who wants that in their life?  Not me-- I'm grateful my home is now so peaceful and safe feeling.  I no longer wonder if any entities are around because I can feel that there aren't any--- my current home feels so much different!

My friend felt he connected with St. Germain because he loved the books by Godfre Ray King who was also known as Guy Ballard.


Guy Ballard founded the "I AM" cult to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain.  This cult degenerated to the point where members were told to kill their pets and shun family members who wouldn't join the cult.  Despite their horrible history, cults of  "I AM" and the various "Ascended Masters" are still very much alive.

from Psychic Dictatorship in America: the I AM Movement 

by Gerald B. Bryan

One such case is quoted in the letter below written in November, 1937. it is only one of many cases where fanatical I AM-ers have killed their animal pets. We quote:

"The phone rang this morning and an I AM-er called and told me that another of Mrs._____'s 100% class was put in a sanitarium last week.

"It seems that she owned a lovely dog and that they were told there were to be no more dogs. She had the dog electrocuted.

"Her family resented it so they had her taken to a psychiatrist who analyzed her and of course she did not know when to speak and of what to speak, and started in on the books, and when she was asked why she did not give the dog to __________ , she said, it was just as bad for him to have it as it was for her.

"Well, they pronounced her insane and put her away last week. God pity them all."

Some additional results of the Ballard doctrines may be summed up in a few short sentences.

It has taught credulous followers to forget everything else but the "Mighty I AM," tending to hold its people in moronic ignorance of what is going on in the world.

It has caused fanatical students to "decree" long hours during the day and part of the night, with such intensity and emotionalism that a number of them have had nervous breakdowns, or have been confined to psychopathic wards and insane asylums.

It has produced untold mental suffering from fears of cataclysms, entities, black magicians, destructive decrees, and other fear-inspiring bogeys.

It has caused students to worship at the shrines of an endless number of mythological gods and heathenish "Masters," instead of teaching a devotion to the One and True God, the Creator of the Universe, of whose grandeur, love, and wisdom there is no end.


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