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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

Ashtar appeared on the scene in 1952 to George Van Tassel who was influential in bringing the flying saucer and 'space brothers' phenomena to public awareness.

Ashtar also communicated with scientist Trevor James Constable.

He appeared to a minister's wife in her living room, is "picked up" via electronic equipment or is simply heard telepathically in people's minds.

Dozens of people have reported contacts from Ashtar.

The Many Faces of Ashtar

"But there are Ashtars and there are Ashtars, dear ones. And that you can tell your people. There are Ashtars and there are Ashtars.... Many space beings can be Ashtar."

(message from "K.H." to a contactee in "MYSTERIOUS SIGNS IN THE SKY "by Israel Norkin, 1984.)

I laughed out loud upon reading the above quote in Ashtar - God, Man or Machine.  It can be fun to read material by the "crackpot fringe", but I was beginning to feel more like the victim of a brainwashing experiment.  If you expose a person to enough bamboozling, lies, distortion and insane confusion they just might embrace any philosophy that seems real, in order to regain a feeling of sanity.

But despite it's seeming absurdity, this particular quote stood out like a gem of truth amidst all the Ashtar blather I'd been reading. 

"Ashtar" produces endless know-it-all diatribes about love, the United States government, Jesus, the draconian empire and destroyed planets.

After skimming through several volumes, I concluded that the only consistent thing about Ashtar is the inconsistency. The tone and content range from ingratiating flatteries to dire threats, from prophecies of Armageddon to inspiring cosmic visions and creation myths (albeit crazy ones).

Ashtar is the fearless mighty leader of the Galactic Federation to whom all should offer tribute. Ashtar will be coming soon to save the chosen ones from the onslaught of death and despair. The end of the world is always coming soon. (It should have happened long ago, according to most of these predictions!) Ashtar can also be a patient and loving paternal figure with encouraging advice.

I was trying to make sense of Ashtar because many years ago, I, too, had an experience of telepathically hearing the voice of "Ashtar". (Now, please don't think I'm crazy. It's amazing how many regular folks have had similar paranormal experiences.)

This occurred after I tried directing a loving meditation to the "Galactic Federation" back in the days when I was still a true believer in the UFO mythology.

Some 20-30 minutes later I was surprised to hear this voice in my head explaining why they were coming to Earth at this time. The message included an obscure and personal detail matching my personal belief system. This made the Ashtar connection seem pretty impressive and authentic at the time. Nothing quite like this had occurred to me before. So I always wondered about this Ashtar. When I came across his name in connection with Trevor James Constable, a respected scientist, I finally had to check it out.

After perusing the literature, I decided that Ashtar must either be a multiple personality or there are a troupe of different characters pretending to be him.  Now I understand that the latter is correct and those different characters are all jinn.  

Here are some examples of the many Ashtar personalities:

(1)  His best shtick: Planning for Global Evacuation. When the planet convulses and everything goes completely to hell, all his chosen people will need to do is: "Be unafraid! Step into the Beam! " and gigantic motherships will care for these precious survivors until they can return to begin our world anew.  This is a science fiction version of the reborn Christian "rapture' scenario.

(2) Hyper-vigilant interventionist: Ashtar is controlling earthlings in order to create a safe and peaceful planet right now:

"Atomic warfare will not be tolerated upon your planet. A strike by any nation designed to involve another nation will be immediately thwarted by our technology. Efforts to accelerate a build-up of arms will be hindered and plans to increase world armament will be sabotaged by our intervention. 
(Trevor James quoted in " Ashtar - a Tribute" compiled by Tuella)

(3)He is assisted by a sidekick and a group of dangerous crazies:

It seems that it would be lovely if big daddy Ashtar made everything safe for earthlings, but getting Ashtar also means getting the "Collective" and a guy named "HATONN":

"One of the leaders and spokesmen for this Collective is a being that goes by the name of HATONN. HATONN, according to some sources, is a 9 ft Pleidean with severe fascist leanings who claims to be a reptilian 'defector' from the Unholy Six Orion-Draconian Empire. Other sources claim that the Ashtar Collective, or at least a large segment of the collective that was infiltrated and assimilated by Draco-Orion agents posing as ascended masters, is now in direct collaboration with the reptilian Grays and the 'Unholy Six'."
 (from David Icke E-magazine)

YIKES! It sounds kinda like our home planet-- only far worse!  These adolescent cloak-and-dagger antics are the kind of mischief that some Jinn appear to revel in.

(4) Sarcastic and merciless

In the book "Survival Is Only Ten Feet From Hell", Ashtar reverses himself and says we need to build underground shelters to survive the coming nuclear holocaust:

"So much has previously been covered by Hatonn regarding earth changes and probable shifts, along with personal shockwaves, that I hesitate to be the one to dump nuclear war probability on your pretty heads….

"Friends, there are only two kinds of cordwood after an atomic attack:  stacked-up cordwood (living) or blasted and irradiated cordwood (dead).  This, of course, is a variation on: "But people will be jammed together like sardines; without showers or deodorant or breath mints--oh, perish the thought!". O.K.--so just perish. Bad news though--burnt bodies smell really unpleasant. But, you won't have to worry about bad breath!** "

According to merciless Ashtar we won't be getting any help from anyone, so we'd better start digging those shelters NOW!

(5) Ultra- American Patriot and Omniscient Judge

 In the book "New World Order-- Prophecies from Space", Ashtar tells us that:

"The way you treat your fellow man is beyond our comprehension or understanding. Why must one fight for their freedom, when all men by their nature must be free? Did not your great leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln say so? They were guided and inspired by us. They sit on the throne next to God. Your civilization is a blasphemy against the Creator. Woe to mankind for the trouble it has caused."

And so it goes, ad nauseum.  Ashtar makes a good case for the existence of jinn, and is a good example of how some of them operate. The objective in this case seems to be to influence and create a following, perhaps as much for the delight of bamboozling, as for achieving a tangible result. We should avoid oversimplification, however. There are all kinds of jinns. The particular "Ashtar" that contacted James Trevor Constable suggested that he try using infrared film, which resulted in remarkable photos of previously unseen, other dimensional sorts of critters resembling giant airborne amoebas. (see Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter')

It may be significant that historically we find Semitic pagan gods named Ishtar, (associated with the planet Venus), Ashtarte and Astarte who evolved into Ashtoreth and finally Ashtoroth Ashtoroth was one of Satan's top henchmen during the middle ages.   Like Ashtar, he was very big on foretelling doomsday (and was also said to have bad breath). It sounds like the work of those bad jinn again, giving rise to these characters as well.

There are Jinns and there are Jinns, dear ones. And that you can tell your people. There are jinns and there are jinns.... Many jinns can be Ashtar.

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