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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.




Frames excerpted from infrared motion picture footage show bioforms around the author on the Mojave desert in California before sunup.  The bioforms change shape, position, and also appear to divide like amoebae at tremendous speeds.  This sequence was shot at 24 frames per second.  The whole happening shown occurred in approximately a quarter of a second.  The author's view is that such materializations into the infrared occur in response to certain positions, motions and orientations of the "target human", which are poorly understood.  He holds that the same factors govern UFO materializations in the earth environment.



Five successive frames from a motion picture recording of bioforms on the Mojave desert in California show the author performing the Star Exercise described in the text, with plasmatic bioforms around him.  Sequence took place in less than a quarter second, yet the objects change position, apparently divide like amoebae and alter their form even in this brief time span.  Footage was shot before sunup.  Author's view is that such  materializations bear direct functional relationship to materialization of UFOs.


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