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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is the proposition that creatures from other planets occupy spacecraft which are observed from earth as UFOs.

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Believers have to get over embracing every unidentified flying object as a spaceship, and every contrary explanation as blinkered skepticism or an evil government cover-up.  And skeptics have to accept that people do see things they cannot explain.  How we interpret what we see is what the game is all about.    -- Paul B. Thompson

There is enormous evidence to support the concept that deceptive entities have masqueraded as extraterrestrials.  And although deception appears to be a frequent trait of many of these "visitors", it is also true that we humans have encouraged, and largely created, this charade. 

 We've assumed that they must be of extraterrestrial origin for at least 2 reasons: because it fit into a well established science fiction mythology and because we lacked the capacity to envision that they might coexist in a state -- a "dimension" or "vibrational medium" -- that was normally invisible to us. 

It seems that people really like the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  It's exciting, and after decades of exposure to science fiction material we've almost accepted the idea.  It seems to represent a reasonable extension of how history has progressed thus far: Mankind continually explores new frontiers in the physical world and experiences greater levels of conflict or unity with strange new races or species thereby.  Many people love the Star Trek and the Galactic Federation mythologies.

November 1929

The flying saucer may be the first global symbol recognized by the entire world.

 Perhaps inhabitants of different planets can visit each other, but it won't be in spaceships with nuts-and-bolts hardware.

The general public is still stuck in the "Jet Age" when it comes to having a scientific approach to UFO's. Many of the best researchers in the field, such as John Keel and Jacques Vallee, have concluded that the UFO visitors are coming from another dimension or plane of existence that is actually "here", rather than traveling to us from other planets.

There is undoubtedly life on other planets.  There is so much life crammed into every cubic inch of backyard soil that it would be unreasonable to believe that all the potential inherent in billions of galaxies is wasted.

This egocentric, gotta-have-it-on-my-terms, and see-it-with-my-eyes mindset has been the most damaging impediment to advances in scientific knowledge.  Doctors violently denied the existence of microbes prior to the invention of the microscope.  

But today we utilize and contend with invisible forces all the time.  Electromagnetic frequencies such as radio and microwaves are taken for granted, and even uneducated people have a vague understanding about them.  So isn't it time for the scientifically educated to at least consider this phenomena and to begin exploring the reality of these intelligent beings?  They have had a tremendous historical impact all over the world and continue to shape our beliefs in the modern era through our encounters with UFO's.     It is becoming quite obvious that intelligent beings exist and interact with us who aren't perceptible to us in the usual circumstances.  But there still appears to be tremendous resistance to this idea.  Why?   Because it's scary? 

I think the resistance primarily comes from being told so many, many times (especially as children) that these beings don't exist, and that modern people don't believe in such things.

We are far less likely to discover life on other planets when we insist that it must be the same as our life, and apparent to our five senses.  When intelligent beings exist on our own planet which are normally invisible to us, we should realize that invisible life forms could also inhabit the other planets.

Recommended reading-- "Dimensions" by ufologist Jacques Vallee explores some of the hard evidence scientifically.


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