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Jinn Classification

According to Islamic traditions and legends

Jinn is typically the name by which any unclassified Jinni are called. There are many conflicting historical documents that present the power rankings of Jinni. Various sources will describe anywhere from two to five different classes of Jinni. All people agree, however, that they are classified in more powerful positions with increasing age and wisdom. For convenience, here is the largest list.

Jann are the youngest, lowest and weakest class.

Djinn are the most common type, but still lack power.  These immature genies entertain themselves by tormenting people for the fun of it.

Shaitan (sometimes spelled Shaytan) typically know seven or eight different types of magic. Once a Jinn reaches Shaitan-level, it is assigned to a human. They abandon their small-time mischief and spend their time urging their victims to do evil. To counterbalance the evil influence of the Shaitans, a guardian angel is also assigned to the same person. In some accounts, Shaitans are shapeshifters (although limited in their shifting).

Afrit also spelled  afreet,  afrit,  afrite , or  efreet,'ifrit, or 'ifritah (female), a class of infernal jinn noted for their strength and cunning.

Marida are the most powerful of all. The Marida are assigned to only the most important people, such as kings or high priests. Their knowledge of magic is extensive.  Marida are believed to be over 2000 years old (an average lifespan is around 2500 years).


Djinn  or Jinn

The word "Genie" is an anglicized version of the Arabic "djinni".  In the original legends, djinn's are fairy-like beings of extraordinary power. Djinn's popularity in Arabic storytelling is great. They also appear in the Koran.

Djinn, are ancient, invisible, illusion-casting creatures that may live for centuries.  They can manifest into any form and travel anywhere instantly.  The Djinn have no bodies of their own but are masters of illusionary disguise.  It is also said in the Q'uran that Djinn are older than humankind and were created of "smokeless fire" while humans are made of "clay"... However because the djinn are made of fire when ever they take human form their eyes, which are are set vertically in their head, can be seen flaming.  (Albert K. Bender said the eyes of the Men in Black "shone like tiny flashlight bulbs".) Djinn are considered to be the cause of shooting stars, violent sandstorms, and whirlwinds.
Djinn although have been known to live in ruins, wells, kitchen fireplaces and public bathrooms, but most commonly their favorite abode - the desert.

While the attention of a djinn may be tempting and exciting, in reality, its not good to get mixed up with them.

They have laws they must follow in their society the same way we do; they aren't allowed to show themselves to humans, and though they are able to take animal forms, they are forbidden to. But, as with humans, they're only in trouble if they are caught at it.

 Above all, djinn are mischievous like the Irish/Scottish legends of the Fae, and it seems that they have stemmed from the same origins. And with similar legends from every corner of the world, it seems that these stories have come from a common truth.

In North America we tend  to scoff at these "folktales," but in the old countries people take them very seriously. Djinn are a part of peoples lives there; they would believe you if you said you had a djinn sit on your chest so hard you could barely breathe and felt paralyzed when you were almost sleeping.

Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis is a condition that occurs in the state just before dropping off to sleep (the hypnogogic state) or just before fully awakening from sleep (the hypnopompic state). The condition is characterized by being unable to move or speak. It is often associated with a feeling that there is some sort of presence, a feeling which often arouses fear but is also accompanied by an inability to cry out. The paralysis may last only a few seconds. The experience may involve visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations. The description of the symptoms of sleep paralysis is similar to the description many alien abductees give in recounting their abduction experiences. Sleep paralysis is thought by some to account for not only many alien abduction delusions, but also ghost sightings and delusions involving paranormal or supernatural experiences (e.g., incubus and succubus).

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