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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.


"Men in Black... are even better known in the histories of witchcraft and black magic."

Men in Black

"Their faces were unpleasant to look at. Their eyes shone like tiny flashlight bulbs, and the teeth were pearly white, set in a very dark complexion. I could not see their hands, covered by black gloves. A bluish radiance enveloped their entire bodies, and I wondered if this was giving off the sulphuric odor."

Albert Bender in FLYING SAUCERS AND THE THREE MEN  (page 106) 1962



       Drawing by Albert K. Bender, 1953.

"Abominable Snowpersons, poltergeists, frog rainfalls, and UFOs are all interrelated. You can’t possibly investigate one without some knowledge of the others. For example, the Men in Black (MIBs) so well known in UFO lore are even better known in the histories of witchcraft and black magic. These mysterious gentlemen have been reported for a thousand years. The UFO buffs decided they were CIA agents. But another group known as superbuffs thinks the whole world is run by a secret league of wealthy men and that the MIBs are their minions. In the Far East, where belief in a “king of the world” still rides high, people think the MIBs are agents from the secret underground cities of the king. In West Virginia the MIBs passed themselves off as everything from Bible salesmen to census takers."

 John Keel  UFOs, Mothman, and Me    FATE  September 2007

Men in Black: the UFO silencers

Usually traveling in twos and threes, driving black luxury cars and wearing sunglasses and dark suits, they appear sensitive to light, are bizarrely "foreign" in appearance, and issue warnings and threats to UFO witnesses. Their faces are hairless and plastic-like as if masks are hiding their real nature.

John Keel, one of the world’s greatest researchers into the paranormal, had dealings with them and thought they weren't human. According to Keel, the MIB often claim to represent an organization called   "The Nation of the Third Eye."

 Because of their secret agent look and how they are uncannily well informed, some believe they work for the government, although US intelligence agencies have denied all knowledge of them. Others think they might be bio-synthetic forms or even holographic images working for the "ufo invaders".
They appear to have telepathic powers and have been reported to mysteriously disappear when their cars are chased.
Men in Black are responsible for silencing witnesses to UFOs and ensuring that UFO events are kept hidden from the public. They use forms of persuasion from phone calls and surprise visits to the threat of deadly force. They usually confiscate any "evidence" that the contacted might have collected.


Contact with Men in Black in the age of Ufology began with Albert K. Bender:

Albert Bender and the M.I.B. Mystery

In 1953 Albert K. Bender of Bridgeport Connecticut was running an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) and editing a little publication called "Space Review" that was dedicated to news of flying saucers.
The IFSB had a small membership despite its rather grandiose title, and Space Review reached at best, no more than a few hundred readers. But they were all deeply devoted to the idea that flying saucers were craft from outer space. In common with other true believers, these saucer buffs were convinced that they were in possession of a great truth, while most of the rest of the world remained in darkness and ignorance. They felt very important, and thus it was with a sense of surprise, even shock, that they opened up the October 1953 issue of Space Review and found two unexpected announcements: "LATE BULLETIN. A source which the IFSB considers very reliable has informed us that the investigation of the flying saucer mystery and the solution is approaching its final stages. This same source to whom we had referred data, which had come into our possession, suggested that it was not the proper method and time to publish the data in Space Review."
The second and more shocking item read: "STATEMENT OF IMPORTANCE: The mystery of the flying saucers is no longer a mystery. The source is already known, but any information about this is being withheld by order from a higher source. We would like to print the full story in Space Review, but because of the nature of the information we are very sorry that we have been advised in the negative."
The statement ended with the ominous sentence, "We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious." Bender then suspended the publication of Space Review, and dissolved the IFSB.
The tone of the announcements would have been familiar to anyone who had much experience with occult organizations. Occultists often claim they are in the possession of some great secret which, for equally secret reasons, they cannot reveal. Even the appeal, "please be very cautious" was not unique. It made those engaged in "saucer work" feel more important. After all, who is going to bother to persecute you if you are just wasting your time?

Shortly after Bender closed down the Space Review and the IFSB, he gave an interview to a local newspaper, which he said that he had been visited by three men wearing dark suits, and that they had ordered him to stop publishing material about flying saucers. Bender said that he had been scared to death and that he couldn't eat or sleep for a couple of days.

In 1963, Bender elaborated further about his encounter in the book "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black." It was strange book that revealed little in the way of hard facts, but enhanced the reputation of the Men in Black as being extraterrestrial.  He claimed that they were from somewhere called "Kazik", he visited their spaceship in Antarctica, and they told him that their agents had infiltrated the Pentagon. 

HA-HA!  Spaceship in Antarctica?   Infiltrated the Pentagon?  Once you know these dudes are jinn, their shenanigans and comments seem almost humorous.   But I have felt terrified by the thought of MIB.  See my story  DOPPELGANGERS and MEN IN BLACK -- webmaster.)


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About Mothmen and Men in Black
  Here is more on the Mothmen and their friends, the Men In Black, otherwise known as the synthetics, at least that is what would I call them. I have been around these beings and they are weird dudes. How would you like to become a functional adult human in in a few hours? Very disorienting!
MIBs, UFOs, and the Carlos Allende Letters
  Ever since organised flying saucer research began in the early 1950`s a disturbing number of serious UFO investigators have suffered personal harassment, unusual accidents and even mysterious deaths. In some cases, sinister voices have whispered threats over the telephone and warned certain researchers to terminate specific investigations. Recently an increasing number of civilian UFOlogists have been visited by ominous strangers who have made it physically clear that their orders to discontinue all UFO investigations would be violently enforced. Official disclaimers have only served to intensify the mystery of the bizarre incidents currently seeding chaos within the rank of civilian UFO investigators and instilling fear among those who witness flying-saucer activity.
Men In Black Facts
  MIBs , traveling in groups of up to three, usually visit recent UFO witnesses and warn them not to report their encounter. They often claim to represent some government agency (which invariably proves to be false) and briefly flash official-looking ID. Those visited by MIB often feel ill afterward, sometimes for days.
Men In Black, An Investigation by BoB Oechsler
  While I have researched the MIB (Men In Black) phenomenon for several years and recently investigated a possble MIB incident in Maryland, I cannot confirm that I've ever been directly approached by anyone or anything fitting the common description.
Men in Black: The UFO Terrorists by Anne Jablonicky
  The "Men in Black" - or "MIB" for short - have had this ominously evil effect on dozens of level-headed individuals. But let me explain in more detail for those not aware of the reign of terror that has gone on in the UFO field, almost totally undetected for so many years.
Sightings: Men in Black by Paul Greenberg
  A professor of humanities and folklore at New York's Julliard School by the name of Peter Rojcewicz didn't tell anybody about his encounter with the Men in Black for years -- for fear of how people would react...
The Men-In-Black of Legend
  The Men in Black are beings who appear anywhere major UFO sightings take place. They go about threatening people who have claimed to have seen UFOs into not asking about what they witnessed. They wear sunglasses. They wear black suits. They have olive complexions. They drive black mint-condition vintage luxury cars or fly in black helicopters. Some think that they are government agents. Some think that they are alien agents.
The Sinister Men In Black
  As UFO sightings increase, so does the harassment of witnesses - by the sinister Men In Black.
Theory on MIB by va-trel
  The Men in Black are part of the Psychic Operatives who work for various governments worldwide.
Who are the Men In Black? by Bufo Calvin
  The variations are many, as are the theories. Often noted is their immaculate dark clothing, and new appearing cars. More ominous, though, are details that suggest something other-worldly about these intimidators. Perhaps the brand-new car they drive is a model many years old. Maybe they step outside the door and vanish when there is nowhere to go. Sometimes they show unfamiliarity with common objects, like ball-point pens, or the MIB who tried to drink Jell-O. Maybe they'll make a coin vanish or perform some other apparently magical feat. In the most extreme cases, they do not even appear to be human!

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