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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

Miracles, Saints and Jinn

Saintly phenomena may include levitation, telepathy, stigmata, bilocation and other psychokinetic effects. Some jinn appear to be expert at creating such paranormal events.

Are jinn causing "miracles"?  Are they tormenting or otherwise affecting these saints? 

Jinn have free will, like humans.  Therefore their personalities might also range from the saintly to the demonic, like humans.  However, my understanding is that they shouldn't interfere in human affairs, so I question the motives of any jinn seeking to influence the human world.

It seems that a saint wouldn't attract or work with jinn, but perhaps it doesn't always work that way.  Islamic history records accounts of jinn relationships with saints.  And a saintly individual might not even be aware that jinn were a part of his or her life.  (Although Padre Pio was very aware of the devil who tormented him. He wrote: “These devils don’t stop striking me, even making me fall down from the bed.  They even tear off my shirt to beat me! But now they do not frighten me anymore. Jesus loves me, He often lifts me and places me back on the bed" )  Perhaps jinn are actually behind some of the paranormal occurrences which surround the lives of many of the saints.  Jinn could create such classic saintly phenomenon as levitation, telepathy, stigmata, bilocation and other psychokinetic effects.  Jinn might also be instrumental in causing miraculous cures and healings.  (Some UFO contacts have been documented to result in miraculous healings.)

Stigmata (the crucifixion wounds of Jesus)

More than three hundred cases have been recorded over the centuries beginning with Francis of Assisi to the present day. Padre Pio, Gemma Galgani and Theresa Neumann are the best documented in the 20th century. Stigmata blood which was tested by medical laboratories was shown to be identical to (ancient or very old) human blood.

Therese Neumann

Stigmata  appeared on her head, breast, hands and feet every Friday while she experienced the passion of Christ.

During Lent 1926 following an overwhelming vision of the Passion, she began to exhibit the marks of the stigmata from which blood would flow profusely every Friday for the next thirty-two years. She abstained from food, existing solely on a spoonful of water daily, and was given to precognition and visions of the Passion.
Doctors were allowed to examine her thoroughly during her trances and periods of unconsciousness, and testified that her wounds bore a strong resemblance to those of St Francis, especially those on the hands and feet which gave the impression of having been pierced by a forged iron nail. Although the attitude of the church authorities was reserved, the village of Konnersreuth became a place of pilgrimage. Thousands came to view the phenomenon and to listen to Theresa speaking in Aramaic, a Semitic language spoken by Christ.
During her thirty-five years fast, doctors kept Theresa under strict surveillance and subjected her to long periods of medical scrutiny. They testified that to the best of their knowledge nothing was ingested other than the wafer and wine of the Holy Communion, and that her excreta ceased completely after 1930, her intestinal tract having withered away. By 1951 Theresa's phenomenon had diminished, although she continued to have visions and ecstasies until she died in 1962.

Saint Padre Pio, who bore stigmata on his hands, feet, and side for 50 years. He was also famous for bilocation and suffered from "diabolical attacks" by a satanic being or poltergeist.

He was actually seen flying during WW2 by several air force pilots:

   The Flying Monk

During the second world war, many attempts were made by Allied air forces to bomb the small town of San Giovanni Rotondo, a city whose only boast was the monastery where Padre Pio was residing.  Intelligence data spoke of a cache of German munitions in the area. But none of the Allied planes were ever able to deliver any bombs over the area.  There were often mysterious malfunctions, causing the bombs to drop harmlessly in the fields, or mechanical failures which caused the planes to veer off course.  But the real story is told by the pilots who did make it near the city - they reported that they were told to turn back by an apparition in the skies - a vision of a flying monk who waved them away.  Most of the airmen were afraid to mention any of this until after the war, when many groups of American and British soldiers came to pay their respects to the famous friar.  It was then that he was identified as that very same 'flying monk' by those who had seen him in the sky!

Jinn do cause seeming miracles to occur.  With fantastic paranormal abilities they easily manipulate people's beliefs.  The unfortunate result may be that the faithful become more dependent on a jinn's tricks than on God's Grace.  Evil Jinn are especially pleased when they themselves are worshipped.  This process has probably been the major impetus for the corruption of religion, aside from the corrupting influence inherent in human nature itself.

It seems evident to me that some such process has occurred to Hinduism over many centuries. Hindus originally worshipped one God but most now worship the increasing plethora of little gods.  It seems probable that jinn could be involved in hastening such a corruption.



" Hindus believe that there is one great power, which rules the heavens and the sky. He, in the Hindu religion is known as Brahman.; also known as Bhagwan. However, this great power is known to the world in many other forms. He changes into other forms to perform his duty. That is how there are many gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion, too many to mention. Each god has his own special power, and grants for what he stands for. Some gods and goddesses are more known than others. It depends on what the devotee prays for. A true devotee will pray to their god every day, chant his name, and sing his praises.


Lord Ganesh

Would you pray to this god?

"Lord Ganesh represents the ideal child. He also stands for knowledge and the remover of obstacles. He is the protector of all. He is Shiva’s and Parvati’s son.  He is the giver of happiness and good fortune and is a symbol of perfection.."

Contactees Dorothy Wilkinson Izatt and Betty Andreasson were visited for years by "Beings of Light" who seemed angelic.

I've experienced 3 life changing encounters with "Beings of Light" myself.  One of these involved a near death experience.  All 3 experiences were powerful, wonderful, and very helpful in terms of spiritual growth, living a better life, and having greater understanding and happiness.  Unlike my encounter with so-called "Ascended Master" St. Germain, these angelic beings radiated a beautiful spiritual authority.  They radiated love and light.  They seemed very much like the "Beings of Light" described by Andreasson and Izatt .  However, Andreasson and Izatt's Beings were also very involved with the UFO phenomenon on a broad scale.  I'm frankly confused about the relationships between good jinn, bad jinn, angels, saints and humans and am trying to sort this out.  I experienced a period of several years that were highly anomalous, very spiritual and very filled with entities of several types.  I'll post updates as I gather more information on the subject.  I also plan to write about my personal experiences with good and bad entities.

It also seems evident that this same process is occurring in Catholicism, when Mary is worshipped as a Co-redeemer with Christ.



Pope may declare Mary 'coredemptrix'

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