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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.


We are afraid to believe, and we should be.

Why bother with these Aliens?  (or Jinn, or visitors, or whatever you want to call them)

According to the Harpers Index, 11% of Americans think they've seen a UFO. Despite this statistical enormity, the current attitude is one of indifference or cynicism. Why? Maybe it's because the phenomenon is often so very absurd.  It also has an irritating habit of erasing itself. We are afraid to believe, and we should be. "Believing" is like having blind faith in a crazy religion. And now, with the whole creepy grey abduction scenario, the whole business is just getting too weird to bother thinking about too much.  As a result, those who aren't experiencers or hard-core believers tend to ignore the phenomena altogether. I mean, really, the Space Brothers have had over 50 years to land on the White House lawn and we're sick and tired of waiting. And besides, just what does any of this have to do with the price of gas?

Since the Jinn effectively erase their artifacts and themselves from human understanding, proponents and contactees are usually left holding a whole lot of nothing.  They risk (and often lose) their reputations, marriages and careers.  Many have expended enormous time, money, and energy only to conclude that they and have perhaps wasted part or their lives. So it appears to be either a scary or foolish thing to devote oneself to the study of the UFO phenomenon and to telling people about the Jinn. So I ask myself -- why do I bother?

I keep at it because I love mysteries and enjoy search activities. I recognize the existence of unseen worlds because I've seen too much of them to deny it. But mostly because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Interaction with these guys can be terrifying, crazy making, and dangerous because you're fooled by them. Once you know about the Jinn, you're not so likely to be a victim, worshiper or fool.

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