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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

WHY we haven't solved the UFO Mystery

"Ufology is still in many ways stuck in the technological mindset of the Jet Age.

....we should stop thinking of UFO's as spaceships."

"dimensional Rift"

Materialism is the simplest (or most simplistic) explanation of reality: the belief that all that exists is the physical; there are no higher realities; no psychic or spiritual truths independent of the physical world.  Materialism itself is a meme, a specific, culturally determined way of thinking about reality.

We can't solve the UFO mystery because we're trying to make sense of the phenomenon with an outmoded set of rules about reality which don't apply.

People still think that being "scientific" requires applying a philosophy of materialism, but this is actually highly unscientific.  Physics is the real "bottom line" for Science, and quantum physics is telling us that the scientific materialism of the past is no longer a valid paradigm for understanding the world.  Some physicists posit the existence of parallel universes -- A "Multiverse", if you will. 

We're trying to apply a nuts-and-bolts science of materialism to beings that are masters of the shape-shift, the quantum leap, levitation, dematerialization and materialization, telepathy and alchemy.  It'll never work!

Despite how much we've learned about the material world, we still don't know nearly enough to make assumptions about extraterrestrial life. But there are grounds for looking into the likelihood that deceptive jinn are masquerading as extraterrestrials.

There is tremendous historical evidence of these entities moving about in "flying saucers" or other devices (see links below).

Some jinn have resembled the Virgin Mary, while others appear reptilian, inhuman or insect-like.  Some are tricksters, while others are sadists or simpletons.  Some pass themselves off as all-knowing "Masters" who can be channeled.  Some can cause hallucinations and visions, and some may lend themselves out for the uses of humans (although usually at a tremendous cost, it seems).

They have always been with us.  Many displays of superiority, threats, and prophecies of doom are likely a ruse.

They could inadvertently be helping us by bringing to light the limitations of our materialistic viewpoint.

They may always thwart our understanding.  Maybe they want to thwart our understanding.  Perhaps that's the true nature of their relationship with us.  It certainly seems that way.

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