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UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.


The World's Greatest Hoax

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis may be the greatest hoax ever, perpetuated by the Earth's greatest tricksters: the Jinn.

The Wink  --  A painting of a dream I had illustrating the trickster nature typical of many Jinn.

 Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: The belief that UFOs come from other planets in our physical universe.

Philosophy of Materialism - The view that everything that actually exists is material or physical.


Maybe we have visitors from other planets and maybe we don't.  We certainly don't know enough about the nature of the physical Universe to make any assumptions about this controversial subject yet. 

However, there is enormous evidence to support the assumption that deceptive entities have masqueraded as extraterrestrials.  And although deception appears to be a frequent trait of  these "visitors", it is also true that we humans have encouraged the charade. 

We've automatically accepted that these alien entities are of extraterrestrial origin because our scientific understanding is still very simplistic.   It continues to be shaped by Rationalism and the Newtonian physics of the 17th century as well as a seeming paranoia of sinking back into medieval superstition.  

Consequently, we've lacked the breadth of vision to imagine that these alien beings might coexist in a parallel state -- a "dimension" or "vibrational medium" -- which is normally invisible to us.  We need to incorporate the new physics into our thinking.

Quantum physics describes our world much differently than good old solid Newtonian physics.  In the quantum world, particles are also actually waves.  Electrons and photons disappear and then reappear....constantly.  Where do they go?  

 Over the past 50 years the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has become accepted by a majority of people from government officials and Vatican experts to peasants and professionals.

It is probably the greatest living modern myth, a vague truism which holds up rather nicely until it is scrutinized scientifically.  And this is appropriate.  Those jinn -- those aliens, spirits, elementals and creatures of mystery-- have been spawning our myths and legends for millennia. 

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has emerged as part of an advancing global perspective.  Mankind is evolving beyond the infantile egocentric viewpoint which places itself as the only one in creation. We're forming an identity which conceives of earthlings as really belonging to only one race: the human one. 

This maturing awareness is a great historical achievement, but I think it only gets us partway there. We need to wake up to the whole truth which these UFO's signify, namely: Existence is an infinite and ever-deepening mystery, and everything works differently than we think.  Very few people are comfortable with such an ambiguous paradigm, but living becomes a more marvelous adventure if it can be embraced, and it is probably a more accurate statement about the true nature of reality. 

Some jinn seem to have good intentions, but many (or most) who interact with humans are untrustworthy and are not what they appear to be. They are playing us for fools-- or worse -- when we are taken in by their charades.

We don't know the whole truth about them and possibly never will. We should err on the side of caution and realize that they are indeed a possible threat, and that many are insidious, subtle and evil.

Jinn are an order of beings separate from humans and angels. We are baffled by them because they are normally hidden from us. They are the intelligence behind many of life's most puzzling mysteries.

They have free will. Some appear human while others are the creatures studied by cryptozoology. They are capable of playing the roles of the gods and goddesses of ancient pantheons. They are made out of different "stuff" than you and me, but share attributes such as intellect, kindness, cruelty, and mortality.

People usually reject the Jinn concept when they first hear of it.  Most won't even give it a chance because of stereotyped ideas about jinn and "genies".  Consequently, most Westerners aren't informed about the Islamic concept of the jinn. However, it reads like a textbook description of UFO and paranormal phenomenon.

After studying the UFO mystery and related subjects for years, I finally obtained a copy of John Keel's masterpiece "UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse".  This book makes a great case for the existence of alien beings who live an existence parallel to that of humans. 

At first I experienced only disbelief.  This new paradigm challenges decades of academic indoctrination which is heavily influenced by a philosophy of materialism.  However, after much thought, I began researching with renewed vigor and clarity. I rediscovered an old article I'd bookmarked about the jinn.

It was written by a former British Intelligence officer who saw a UFO in China in the 1930's. His life of travel and consequent familiarity with eastern culture enabled him to learn of the Jinn concept and realize that Jinn are likely players in the UFO drama.  Gordon Creighton has presented a solution to what may be the greatest mystery in the western world.  He was the Editor of the Flying Saucer Review, the most highly respected journal in the field for 50 years. Gordon Creighton's essay is called The True Nature Of The 'UFO Entities.

I'm finally reading "Dimensions" by Jacques Vallee which makes an even stronger case against the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.   Vallee is amazing.  He must be something of a genius.

The jinn concept is the essential key to understanding the occult realm of the paranormal .

Once you are on to these guys, familiar patterns begin to emerge, their lies and tricks become recognizable, and you are no longer confused, bamboozled or victimized.  Like most of life's great answers, it leads to more questions, but I now find more and more of the pieces falling into place. 


Donna Higbee writes a warning:

"Native Americans are very aware of the beings that are "visiting". I have been told that they do not believe that these beings are extraterrestrial. In the old days the Star People visited and interacted with the people. Today the Wakan Sica (in Lakota), or the darker side, has come and impersonated the Star People. This way they (the dark beings) could move into our culture, through the public fascination with UFO's."
From "New Abductee Trend"



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